Veteran in Boone County gets relief from HVAF | HVAF
Veteran improves quality of life with help from HVAF
July 5, 2017
A harvest that goes a long way in the lives of homeless veterans
July 31, 2017
Charles has always known that he wanted to travel the world. That was the main reason he joined and served the U.S. Navy from 1979 – 1983. Spain and Greece were some of his favorite locations, but he enjoyed being able to travel in general. Charles held a job in navigation on Aircraft Carrier, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower during his time in the Navy. Charles finished his service in 1983 and things were going well for him – until 2002.
His heart problems began 15 years ago. He went to the doctor and was informed that he had two silent heart attacks. Shortly after, he had his first major heart attack. Charles has since had seven bypass surgeries and can no long work. He went from having a steady job and paycheck to virtually nothing. He now barely survives on disability. After being unable to work, he lost his wife, car, and eventually everything else. Charles managed to scrape enough money to afford a trailer. However, the trailer was in bad condition and the pipes were breaking from rust. Enough was enough for Charles.

Three months ago, he reached out to HVAF for assistance with rent and finding a suitable place to live. HVAF helped Charles find a place in Lebanon, and paid his first month’s rent and security deposit. He also received a bike from HVAF. “The bike really helps me out,” said Charles. “It helps me get to all my doctor appointments and get exercise as well!” Without HVAF’s assistance Charles might not be around today. “I would probably be homeless or dead,” said Charles. “I take insulin that has to be refrigerated. It wouldn’t have been good if HVAF didn’t help.” Charles is thankful for all HVAF has done to improve his life.