In January, Army National Guard veteran Larry moved into Veterans Villa for a fresh start.

Before moving to HVAF’s Permanent Supportive Housing apartments, Larry had lived at a safe haven ministry, where he had the opportunity to become clean and sober. After leaving the ministry and needing a place to live, his friend told him about HVAF and Vets Villa.

“I’ve been here since January, and this place has been a blessing,” Larry said. “I’ve got William, the property manager, and case managers Alexis, Sara, and April. They have all been a blessing in my life.”

Once he moved in, his case managers set him up with a bank account and a primary care doctor.

Larry isolated himself when he first moved in. But after he got a job in the Vets Villa office, Larry has since been able to come out of his shell. Working in the office, Larry answers the phone and makes himself available to anyone who needs help. He also plans to start working in the apartment garden this summer.

Larry is very appreciative of his case managers because they support him and show him love. They are honest with each other and have grown close over the past several months.

“I’m safe here in this place,” Larry said. “I thank God for this place and the people the Lord has put into my life.”