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Programs & Services

One of the purposes of HVAF’s programs and services is to respond to the common precursors of homelessness through early intervention and prevention that addresses underlying causes of homelessness and breaks down barriers veterans may face. HVAF provides programs that support a return to self-sufficiency including supportive housing. We operate 13 distinct housing properties across Indianapolis.

Employment Services
HVAF has three designated employment specialists who help veterans overcome barriers to regular employment. The emphasis on helping homeless veterans secure employment is enhanced coordination with various veterans’ service programs. Since hiring additional staff in this department, HVAF has tripled its reach from 2013 and now plans to serve 300 veterans through the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust which provides grants to nonprofit organizations that focus on providing education and/or training for individuals to obtain gainful employment.

Each day, street outreach workers go into communities across Indianapolis to encourage people on the street to connect with HVAF services. So called tent communities and locations such as freeway underpasses, alleys, and vacant lots are where these outreach engagements typically take place. Outreach can also target public libraries and transportation terminals.

Vet to Vet
A support system for homeless veterans at HVAF who meet weekly to discuss the general well-being of those in the group, present concerns, as well brainstorm activities the veterans can do as a group to better the community.

Food, Clothing & Hygiene Pantry
Clothing of all sizes as well as shoes and winter wear essentials are available for homeless veterans through HVAF along with hygiene and other simple health and wellness items. HVAF’s pantry is available to any veteran in need of emergency food. Donors can contribute gently used clothing or non-perishable food items to the pantry, and volunteers are always needed to keep the pantry sorted and stocked all year long. 

Supportive Services for Veterans and Families (SSVF)

Are you a veteran facing eviction? Or, are you homeless looking for permanent housing? HVAF of Indiana, Inc. and its Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program (SSVF) can help. SSVF helps eligible veteran families with outreach, case management, and assistance in obtaining VA and other benefits including assisting clients with budgeting and creating a stability plan. In addition, qualified veterans may also be eligible for limited payments to third parties (e.g., landlords, utility companies, moving companies, and licensed child care providers) if these payments help veteran families stay in or acquire permanent housing.

Call HVAF of Indiana, Inc. today at 317-951-0688 to find out if you qualify.

Also, you can read veteran stories of those who have qualified for the program on the HVAF blog.

In 2011, HVAF saw a need in the community for Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF). It’s a grant administered by HVAF of Indiana and provided by United Way of Central Indiana. SSVF launched at HVAF of Indiana in mid-October 2011 and is the first VA funded grant specifically designed to help homeless or near homeless veterans and their families reach stability through case management and financial assistance.

HVAF drivers utilize a small fleet of passenger vans and work daily to accommodate veterans’ travel needs. Other HVAF funding programs provide bus passes or help with short-term relief from car payments for veterans who are experiencing personal financial challenges.

HVAF and its network of local partners also offer veterans free legal services, eye care, and dental care throughout the year.